const greet = () => {
  console.log("Hello, world!");

I'm a self-taught programmer with a passion for creating impactful, user-centered web applications. My diverse background and problem-solving skills, honed in various roles, contribute to my approach to software development.


  • Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Frameworks: React, Node.js, WordPress, Next.js
  • Developer Tools: Git, Docker, VS Code, Linux
  • Libraries: jQuery

AnthologyAlly (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, Git, June 2023 – Present)

AnthologyAlly is a web application designed to strengthen caregiver-resident bonds through detailed profiles. I implemented a password-less authentication system to ensure seamless, authorized access while ensuring privacy.

The Odin Project (Self-Directed Study Web Development Curriculum, July 2020 – Present)

Actively acquiring a thorough understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through The Odin Project's hands-on learning and project-based curriculum. I initiated and maintained a technical book club through Discord, leading discussions on core concepts and principles to enhance programming skills.

Contact Me

If you have any programming-related inquiries or job opportunities, please feel free to reach out to me at resume[at]

See my code on Github